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Team Photos

The 1920-21 team.



Back row(left to right): Alf Buzan, J.Sears(Team manager), W.J.Hunt, A.W.Whistler, F.G.Tapley(Hon.Sec.), A.H.Humphries, A.W.Twyman, H.R.Geddes(Chairman), H.T.Roper, R.Cartwright, G.T.Rigden, W.B.McGowan, Charles Buzan.

Centre row: W.Broughton, J.Hodkin, T.F.Delahaye, Mrs.Fehr, F.Fehr(President, K.C.F.A.), J.Rigden(Sec., K.C.F.A.), J.Hall, C.Terry, H.Smith.

Front row: F.Empson, R.Gladish, R.H.Standen(captain), H.Woods, J.Foad, A.H.Cook.