Team Photos

The 1937-38 team.




Back row: A.Macro, G.F.Dixon(Committee), E.Hambrook, F.Harris(captain), N.Taylor(Committee), W.Wright(Committee), C.Gilman(Committee), W.Hornsey(Committee).

Middle Row: V.Kemp(Committee), W.Fry(Committee), F.Sidwell(Trainer), L.Morris(Linesman), J.Nadin, R.Baldwin, J.Mayo, S.Lyddon, J.Southey, A.Pearson, G.Morton(Supporters' Club), C.Eades(Masseur), E.Kennett(Committee), W.Newman(Committee).

Front Row: E.A.Bushell(Hon.Secretary), W.Baker, T.Harper, W.H.Gates(Chairman), E.Phillpott, J.Knowles, H.Allen.

On the Ground: V.Smith(Committee), A.Williamson(Committee).

This photograph was taken at Cheriton Road when Dover played there in the Kent Amateur Cup final on 14th.May, 1938. It would appear to be in front of what is now the cricket pavilion, though at the time the football ground was there. (The cricket ground was then where the football ground and the indoor bowls building now are.)